I take a nap almost every day.

I'm waiting for Olof to start.

They were going to shoot him.

Let's go and ask her.

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It wouldn't harm a fly.


We could do better.


The answer isn't correct.

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Dawn covered his mouth when he sneezed.

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To make money is not the purpose of life.

I didn't realize how bad off you were.

You'll understand once you come of age.

Why isn't Alf doing this?

I don't know why you're making such a fuss over this.

He left her all alone.

Do you think your mom could set me up, too?

I spend as much time working in the garden in one day as my brother does in a week.

Roderick, answer the door.


Thanks for coming, guys! I'll see you tomorrow!

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There are speaking animals in all people's folklore.

Gary wrung the chicken's neck.

They are at work.


Water is indispensable to us.

Best before 01/09/2010.

He became active in the Republican Party.

There was a decapitated body on the coroner's table.

Has he gotten married before?

Everything is working out just as Rafik predicted.

Gas prices have dropped.


We wish you well, Wendi.


She has a new man in her life.

She felt blue.

I wanna find something like that.


It was because he was injured that he decided to return to America.

Triantaphyllos went to dancing school.

Try to be generous and forgive.

Hard work has brought him where he is.

Pledge allegiance to the national flag.

Children under the age of twelve will be admitted free.

They are at lunch.


You must do better than that.

Dress yourself warmly before you go out.

So far nothing has happened.

The wind is blowing harder and harder.

I'll come at once.


I sent a message to you.

I ordered a BLT sandwich.

You should have seen the movie last night.

I already feel different.

His fear of being slighted made him avoid people.


I'm not bossy!


I have never seen him.

People say that he's still alive.

We could not help laughing at his story.

The bus driver glared at us for shouting.

Please tell John that I called.


We ate some petit fours in Paris.


We intend to take away their power to make war.

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The relationship is on the rocks and the couple seems unable to find ways to resolve their differences.

And then I turned the TV off and went to sleep.

Hotta is thoughtful.

I worry about you.

I really don't want to clean my room.

I didn't take it personally.

I'll come at five o'clock.


What will life be like in 2014?


The pipe conveys water from the lake to the factory.

He did not turn up after all.

It has been estimated that, as a result of the destruction, fifty species of wildlife are disappearing from the earth each day.


The soldier made light of his wounds.

Evidence that Harrison did not intend this work to be a parody can be seen in his letter to Mrs. Evans.

He set out his reasons clearly.

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Don't tell them you're lost.


This looks like a gunshot wound.

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I ducked just in time to avoid the punch aimed at me.

This will keep bugs off.

He tends to get angry when he does not have his own way.

How long have you been in Kushiro?

Her watch read three o'clock in the morning.


You know Ranjit better than anybody.

I got you a little present.

He took it lightly

Everyone is talking about her.

The haze enveloped London.

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I didn't ask them to come here.

What would be best for her?

My telephone is pretty.

They're eating dinner now in the dining room.

This one's pretty cool.


I don't think we'd have any chance of winning.

The tumor is malignant.

I think you might need to make a decision.


Friday is the end.

Let's see what Curtis is up to.

Reid really got a raw deal.

This is a long pencil.

Must this letter be written in English?

How many is nine minus six?

The food becomes cold.

Thank you for the article.

You should go back to Tuna's.

As you have insulted him, he is cross with you.

Rajeev is the only person for me.

I'll wash my apple.

The shoulder joints, as well as moving on their own, also move in conjunction with arm movements.


Sriram didn't want to leave empty-handed.

I love your clothes.

Who are they?


He's so tall!


That happened pretty fast, don't you think?

I could try to get you a ticket.

Eliot bailed on us just when we needed him most.

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I needed to speak to you about something.

It may rain at any time.

France was at war with Russia.

Do you like going to the theater?

A thousand pardons for coming into your house so late.


That would be great.


I admit that I'm tired.

I'm going to the post office now to get a few stamps.

Prescribe the boy some medication!


Permalinks are basically links to items like posts, comments, etc.


For being able to use the language better, and understand it better, you need to learn new words.

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Douglas loves art.

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Democrats and Republicans worked together.

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The work must be completed at once.

Most people in North America can't see the Milky Way.

He began by saying that he would not speak very long.

You need to wear a tie there.

I sprained my ankle.


You can't swim, can you?

Did you charge the battery of your mobile phone?

Don't do me any favors.

He has a persecution complex.

Could you speak to Shakil?


Which way did you choose?

Tor doesn't want me to go.

Joyce bought a gift for his girlfriend.


Takayuki didn't understand anything.


When a thing has been said and well said, have no scruple: take it and copy it.

I feel really proud.

I have been waiting for your reply, but have not heard from you.


That reminds me of something I heard yesterday.

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This is a middle eastern country.


I am very happy that you have agreed to that plan.

You should apologize for what you said.

That is a hotel.

This is the monsoon season.

Hy looked at it curiously.


The country is headed on the wrong track.

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Maybe we could go dancing.


It's a shame we're not out fishing.